we make your waste usable!

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Our knowledge

With a lot of research, we started this project. Everyday we learn more and more about all the plastics.

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our production

We have built all our machines ourselves. This made it possible that we can change very fast. So we can promise that we can make eveything you want!

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Our products

We can make everything you want. The most import thing in our business is your imagination.

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We collect your plastic

The most import thing in our productionproces is your waste. Because we use only waste we are happy with all you have.

About us

Everything should be recycled

We believe that eveything should be recycled. This will make the whole world better. But the moste important thing is how you recycle. So, by us, you can send your wish and we can produce it. If want, see our products on top of this page.

  • We can recycle 95% of all the plastic we get.

  • we do everything ourselves

  • Did you know that only 10% of all the plastics will be recycled.

  • Every customer we had is happy with the final product. That's what counts!

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